Thursday, March 20, 2008

Underlying Models of our Program

Underlying Models of our Program

Raja (Royal) Yoga - is known as the integrated path of meditation. Our program focuses on the eight steps of raja yoga, Learn good health habits, yoga postures, breathing exercises, and concentration techniques to help focus the mind.
Chakras - are subtle centers within the body where physical, psychological, and spiritual forces interact and intersect. Our approach teaches meditation on the seven major chakras to activate the centers and to stimulate and regulate the physical and psycho-spiritual qualities associated with each center.
Homeopathy - is a system based on the idea that a substance that causes symptoms in a healthy person will also cure a sick person with those same symptoms (law of similars). Homeopathic remedies are energized medicinal substances that are highly diluted and activated. A vital healing force moves in the direction of greater overall balance for the whole person, and this healing force is clearly expressed in every mental, emotional, and physical symptom.

Qi Gong - an ancient Chinese practice that we use in our program to promote health, mental clarity, and longevity. Qi Gong combines movement, tai chi, mind focus and breathing exercises to stimulate the flow of energy and cleansing of bodily systems.

Coaching - our job is to help you to take the research we have done, along with your information and skills to: help you make decisions about changes and goals; help you develop a personal “action plan”; assist you in implementing your action plan and make behavioral changes; and help you develop strategies to maintain the changes you have made. We will support, encourage, teach, and help you stay “on track”.

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